Manuals by H & H Printers, Inc







H&H Printers is your best choice for your manuals.

We have high speed B&W and Color Copiers that can be driven by your supplied document files. With this system, H&H Printers can simply print your file to the copier and let it print, collate, and bind your manuals.

Your document is stored in our system and it will be there for access whenever you need to order another batch of manuals. Should you need to edit your manual, simply make the changes to your copy of the document’s file and submit your new file. We will replace that file in our system and print the new version for you.

We have multiple binding options for you to choose from: “Staple in the corner”, side stitch, tape binding, plastic comb binding, and even 3-ring binders are all possibilities.

Let H&H Printers copy or print your next manual job.

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