Magazines by H & H Printers, Inc



H&H Printers is a magazine specialist!

We know how important time and price is to your organization.

Magazines get special priority in schedule and production to assure that your publication is delivered ASAP.

We have a variety of printing technologies available: High-speed B&W copier systems for a quick turnaround, Digital Color print engines to add inexpensive full-color to your shorter run magazines, and traditional Offset Lithographic printing in B&W or full color to meet your higher quantity needs.

H&H Printers offers complete bindery and mailing services, too! We can fold your magazine to “mailing size”, stuff it into envelopes or apply tabs to seal it per postal regulations, and we can address and mail your magazines for you. H&H Printers has First Class and Presorted Standard postal permits available to make your mailing even easier and more cost effective for you. Let H&H Printers be your Magazine Printer.


To start your magazine we will need to know:

The page count

The Quantity

The desired delivery date

The Type of paper

The type of files or materials we will receive from you.

If you need help deciding on any of the above options, we can help you decide what will work the best for you.